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How to cope with the pandemic as a dancer.

The more real and personal. Pandemic, it seems, has afforded career dancers a new lease on their art form. Staying healthy and productive at home is one of the best things a dancer can do for their career as stage performances take a backseat for sometimes. The internet is full of free concerts, and celebrated dancers and artists are beaming out art from their living rooms, making the experience so much more real and personal.

Dancing has always been a source of delight and ecstasy. Its a way to express joys, sorrows, and communicate emotions or a story with grace. As the pandemic has pressed on, people have found innovative ways to come together. There have been dances of gratitude, dances with masks, dances that connect, as a way of encouraging people to dance their blues away.

Learning about dance and watching it are the easiest things to do at home. Try a few of these pointers to get rid of your boredom during this pandemic:

Dance your way to good health and mental well-being.

Spare at least a minimum of 30 minutes or an hour for dancing no matter how busy you are. It not only keeps you fit but also helps you rejuvenate from the whole day's stress. Dance and good health are closely associated. Dancing is a great aerobic exercise which engages the whole body. Lock yourself into a room, or put on your headphones, play your favorite track and let your body flow. Just in letting go, you are in tune with yourself and that is perfection enough.

Catch up with the new trends.

Instagram reels and youtube shorts are trending on social media which includes people of all age groups. Keeping up with the latest trends and learning them can be fun and entertaining. You can also try it out with your family members or your close friends

Create your own signature move.

When you have social media features like Instagram reels and Youtube shorts, its easy to come up with your own dance move and showcase it on social media. Choose a catchy song, dance and upload your video and see how it takes off. You could be the next viral thing on social media!

Learning from famous dance artists and choreographers

Follow a few famous dancers and dance artists on Instagram or their youtube channels. Observe their moves and put yourself in their shoes and see what is possible of you. They also host many online dance classes and sessions. Sign up for those events and take part. You will get to learn a few things that you didn't know about dance.

Brand yourself

Create a separate Instagram page or your dance website representing you or your dancing school/company. Collaborate with different influencers and dancers across the globe to make yourself stand out. Update your dancing videos and blogs on artist profile with the help of Dzzign.

Collaborate with various artists across the globe.

Once you have been established as a brand, you can collaborate with various artists and dancers from any part of the world. Artists can now also do an Instagram live session or perform a remix dance. An Indian classical dancer can collaborate with a Salsa dancer from Europe or with a musician and perform together as a team for a peppy number. A successful collaboration can lead to the video getting released by both the artists which exposes the artists to each other's fan base.

It has definitely been a hard time for all of us due to the pandemic. However, dancing helps lift spirits, kill boredom, raise energy levels and maintains mental health. Focus your time and energy on working for your branding, website or your youtube channel. With Dzzign, you can now upload your videos or watch short videos by other artists and keep up with the latest trend and attract more users to your profile.


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