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Small LogoPrint Cover And Ebook / 3d Mockup / 3 Licensed Stock Image / Professional Image Adjustments

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About this kit

  • The basic package offers a custom book cover design and page formatting for your book. It comes with 60 interior pages and 3 images. It's designed to grab both the reader’s attention and convey the subject of your book. The basic package is best suited if you are planning to launch your new book in the market on a small scale. It is cost effective and works well for simple and minimalistic designs.
  • With the standard package, you get to enjoy the basic package privileges and also get more. We make sure to have your book stand out with the right cover design. We also offer multiple cover designs made exclusively for you, giving you the option to select the best one for your book. The standard package, offers 30000 Words, 100 Interior pages, 5 Images and 3 revisions with good quality.
  • In the premium package, you enjoy both the basic and standard package privileges but also get exclusive premium process. Our new premium service designs a high-quality book cover that will be eye-catching and also conveys your book’s theme in the most subtle way possible. With the premium package, you get the benefit of having a Dzzign Team of experts from various backgrounds working together to deliver exceptional results just for you and your business.


  1. Understand the elements of a cover design
  2. Research the market
  3. Discussion with you regarding our research analysis and design ideas
  4. Finalising specific elements for design (typography, colour etc.)
  5. Draft ready and get collective feedback
  6. Final design delivery


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  • Print Cover And Ebook / 3d Mockup / 5 Licensed Stock Image / Professional Image Adjustments
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a design concept, but changes to an existing work.

We will need your logo and website details with design reference

Yes, the packages are intended to make image compositions. However, we have extensive experience in vector illustrations and your cover can become a masterpiece.

An idea is the most important element in a logo design process. So please do not expect me to do it for free.