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Personal Branding

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Small Logo1000 Number of words

Small LogoReferences & Citations

Small LogoTopic Research

Small LogoUp to 2 Focus Words

Small LogoIncludes Logo Design

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About this kit

  • In the basic package, you get a customised logo along with its usage guidelines for your business. You also get a set colour palette and 2 custom posts designed by us.

This package is best suited for you if your just getting started on your new venture or if you are already running a small business and want to try marketing without having to spend much. 

  • In the standard package, you get to enjoy basic package privileges and more. You get 5 custom design posts for your branding along with 2 video posts which will help you market and reach out better.
  • In the premium package, you get to enjoy both the basic and standard package privileges and more. You get 10 custom designed posts along with animation for your logo and 5 video posts. You also get the extra added benefit of having us research your target audience and keyword research for better and targeted branding.

With the premium package, you get the benefit of having a Dzzign TEAM consisting of experts from various backgrounds working together to deliver exceptional results just for you and your business.  


  1. Briefing session to know your requirements
  2. Ideation and strategy
  3. Research process
  4. Research results
  5. Content/posts draft
  6. Revision and changes
  7. Final delivery


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  • Number of words
  • Up to 2 Focus Words
  • Topic Research
  • References & Citations
  • Includes Logo Design
  • Brand style guide
  • Logo Usage Guidelines
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Guidelines
  • Video posts
  • Custom posts
  • Logo animation
  • E-mail signature
  • Campaign management
  • Target audience research
  • Keyword research
  • Ad content creation
  • Revision
  • Price
  • 1000
  • 1
  • 120
  • Buy
  • 2000
  • 5
  • 170
  • Buy
  • 3000
  • 7
  • 350
  • Buy

Frequently Asked Questions

Ad spend will be charged directly from your credit card and are not included in our plan

Just tell us! there's always room for an agreement. Tell us what you need and we will arrange it.

Visiting card, envelop,letter head,post card and any other items you may need.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn are amongst the most popular, but if you need design for any other platform, please let us know.

Our posts and content are optimized either for stories or feed.

We send you work considering all we have exchanged and agreed on, and we correct together what has to be. Important to keep in mind, this is not an additional work but a change to the current work.

A revision is applying some changes to existing work. It is NOT changing the existing work completely or coming up with a new ideas.

Thinking negatively will bring negative results. So please don't worry about this possibility. We are willing to work on your project until you are 100% satisfied with the final result.

Just tell us! There's always room for an agreement. Tell us what you need and we shall customize it according to your specific requirement

Yes you would get full copyright upon completion of the project. However it would be up to you to create a trademark. If you would require to digitally sign an agreement regarding this we can do so.

Typography guide, color palette, alternative layout, applications and basic rules of logo placement and a graphic element. This is a pdf booklet that will help you decide how to implement the branding into any design item you may need.

A revision is basically applying some changes to existing work. It is not changing the design concept completely or coming up with a new design.

It is up to your audience and our benchmark, our studies show that small video of 10-30sec are more efficient, so some of our content comes with videos with copyrighted music.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter profile + fb cover

Depending on the package chosen you will get from 1 to 7.

Yes, you need to pay 50% of the agreed price before we start working on your project.

We can start working immediately after receiving the brand brief and detailed information about the project and upfront payment.

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