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Small Logo1 Simple Thumbnail Style | HD | JPEG Format.

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About this kit

A thumbnail is a small picture that represents a larger image. This makes it easier and faster for viewers to look at or manage a group of larger pictures. A popular example of a thumbnail is the images you see on a Youtube playlist. Thumbnail designs are images that have been edited to attract and inform. Such thumbnails are made with the purpose of adding brand colours, logos, and context.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll need your logo (if you have one) and any text or content that you want in the design. We will discuss with you and identify any additional materials required. You can submit the files by clicking on the "Upload" button below.

The price for each plan - Basic, Standard, and Premium - is mentioned on our website. If you are looking for a customised project, we will provide a quote that will detail design time estimates, design pricing, and printing costs before we start working on the project. We will begin working once you have approved the quote.

We may be able to clean up and crispen your logo by redrawing it in vector software. Although some logos are more complicated than others, we'd be pleased to look at yours and see what we can do to help.

Yes. We keep a backup of all files we have worked on so that if you need to reorder or start a new project, we can do so quickly.

Yes, we have an extensive collection of professional photos, graphics, and artwork. You won't have to worry about extra stock art fees or constraints because it is included in the project price. If your requirement is so particular that we need to purchase a photograph, we will discuss any additional fees with you before proceeding.

You can pay any invoice through our secure online payment portal. You can also pay through Google Pay or any major credit card in some cases.

Send us all your files, and we'll determine which file type suits our requirements. Clients frequently send the only file they can open. However, we have software that can open any file type.

Sure! Just let us know which web pages we can use and which content you DO NOT want in your design, and we'll handle the rest.

Sure! We would be pleased to help you rework your logo, give it a makeover, or create an entirely new design. Please connect with us so that we can discuss your options.

Yes. If you need to put a project on hold (typically for more than 30 days), please let us know the duration and reason. We will remove your project from production and put it on hold.

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